The Chocolate and Coffee Gift Box

The Chocolate and Coffee Gift Box

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A collection for the perfect combo: coffee and chocolate. A curated selection of coffees and chocolates from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. 
  • 1 Tosier bar: 70% Tumaco, Colombia 2017 Harvest 60g. Rich nutty with floral notes and a hint of fruit. Winner of a Bronze Academy of Chocolate award 2018
  • 70% Single Estate Finca Garyth Ecuador Flaked Drinking Chocolate 225g. 
    A silky rich and velvety drinking chocolate made entirely from our flaked bean-to-bar chocolate. Delicious as hot or cold drinking chocolate which is also suitable for deserts, cakes, yogurt or ice cream. Vegan, gluten free and completely additive free, simply flaked chocolate!
  • 250g coffee (specify grind in notes): Colombia: La Rivera by Cocora. A microlot coffee of peach, flowers, and yellow fruits syrup with a delicate and silky body. The family that owns Finca La Rivera is descended from grandparents who were dedicated to coffee growing as well as other crops that are typical of the region and that coexist among coffee plantations such as corn, beans, bananas and citrus among others. These lands are cultivated at an average height of 1,750masl and are refreshed by the cold winds coming from the snowy peaks of the Ruíz and Tolima.
  • 100g decaf coffee (specify grind in notes): Peru's Sol Y Cafe. Finding a really good decaf organic coffee is a challenge, but the farmers and producers at the Sol Y Cafe (Sun and Coffee) cooperative in Peru do a great job of it. Rich and chocolatey with a good balance of red berries and nut flavour. The Swiss Water decaffeination process is completely chemical free and retains flavour excellently.

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