Climate Positive Groceries — Delivered

At Goodery, we want to make positive contributions to our climate for every order we deliver. We do this by supporting local, ethical businesses and by drawing carbon emissions out of the air and sinking it into the earth. The soil can handle carbon a lot better than our atmosphere can.

We do this in two ways:

  1. Using clean energy (solar and wind) wherever possible
  2. Planting trees to offset any carbon emissions incurred in our operations 

Clean energy

Thanks to a grant provided by BEEA, Goodery now has two electric courier vehicles powered by solar and wind.


Planting trees

We've partnered with Offset earth to make it easier for us to offset our carbon emissions and plant trees in a scaleable and transparent way. Check out our forest here:

If you have any questions about this approach please contact us!

The problem of fossil fuels

Most of human activity is powered by fossil fuels: Cars, homes, machines, factories—you name it. When fossil fuels are burned, they emit greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide being one of them). As we emit more and more greenhouse gases, the atmosphere retains more and more heat energy.

Hotter temperatures mean warmer seas. Warmer seas mean melting icecaps. Melting icecaps mean higher sea levels. More flooding. More mosquitos. More healthcare costs. More conflict. More human and wildlife displacement.

The knock-on effect of carbon emissions is pretty far reaching. Earth is a resilient but complex system that has sustained life for millenia. We're messing with the balance by burning more fossil fuels than we actually need to. 

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