About Goodery

Goodery is an online grocery marketplace. We connect local farmers, ethical businesses and conscious consumers. We do this with zero emissions and as little waste possible.

We started up in Norwich, Norfolk as a response to the needs of our community when The Good Host began supporting NHS staff during COVID-19.

Who we are

John Ellison

John is a social entrepreneur on a mission to design a new way of living where people and the planet live in harmony. He lives on a permaculture smallholding in Norfolk with his wife and son where they grow vegetables and look after a flock of hens.

He also runs an ethical property management company in Norwich called The Good Host that pivoted to host key workers during the pandemic.

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Nigel Hargreaves

Nigel Hargreaves is a phenomenal systems thinker, climate scientist, and a Chartered Engineer. He's also got an amazing story and a huge heart.

Nigel has been acting as interim COO to help Goodery setup foundations for solid, sustainable growth over the next few years.

We're so honoured that Nigel would invest his time and energy with us, and have big hopes for our future together!

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Natasha Grist

Natasha’s on board as our Sustainability Advisor.

She’s turning her hand to getting our products and packaging onstream, and helping us get our organics fresh, local and sustainable.

She teaches climate change, food systems and renewable energy at UEA. 

But in her spare time right now you’ll find her growing, creating and sharing organic goodies from her community garden plot at the Sustainable Living Initiative.

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Nadia Cove

Nadia is an executive support professional and coordinator. For the last 3+ year’s she has supported CEO’s and Business leaders on a global scale promoting impact investing and business as a force for good.

Nadia is a nature and conservation lover who grew up in South Africa.

She now lives in North Norfolk with her husband Tommy and their happy cocker spaniel Henry. Nadia has been a vegetarian for over 20 years, is a keen foodie and cook and loves to practice yoga.

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Ellie Watson

Ellie worked as a marketing executive before moving on to study philosophy at UEA. This year, she’ll be specialising in environmental philosophy and ethics.

Ellie has been a vegan foodie since 2018, cooking for locals in her spare time. She loves putting new ideas to the test, and she keeps busy with volunteering, painting and writing.

But, more often than not, you’ll find her sitting in (and soaking up) nature, with her nose deep in a novel.

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Sam Harrons

Sam is a Norfolk native with a heart of gold. He’s a brilliant, divergent thinker and seems to be a never ending supply of creativity and energy.

Sam is also the Creative Director at SHHHH and has been helping local independents across the city for over ten years.

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Jon Osterbrock

Jon Osterbrock is a software engineer, property investor and amazing husband and father of four beautiful children in Littleton, Colorado.

Jon has been leading our technology team, building integrations and improving our operations every step of the way.

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Matthew St. Johns

Matti is a passionate youth worker who has been serving our local community over the last two years. 

He’s been a key contributor for Goodery since day one. He's now leading our customer service team to delight customers every single week.

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Joshua Smith

Josh is our head of coffee and sustainability. He's also a total volcano geek and has lived all over the world studying big mountains of lava.

Josh is passionate about discovering ways to help coffee farming communities become more resilient in the face of environmental and economic disasters. We've grown our coffee offering from Josh's passion to serve people and the planet.

Justin Hindry

Justin is Goodery's first delivery team member. He's been delighting customers with us since week one and is a favorite among many customers.

Seriously, you wouldn't believe how many customers contact us just to say how great Justin is...

He also runs a hot tub maintenance and installation company and is an all around wonderful guy.

Scott Blyth

Scott is an experienced business administrator who worked with both Justin and Leon at Zero taxis. He’s manages our dispatching and is responsible for keeping our drivers happy!

He’s also helping out with customer service, making sure people get their orders on time.

Scott’s been a big help since day one and we’ve so appreciated having him on this journey.

Leon Davies

Leon Davies is our zero-emissions transport expert. He founded Zero Taxis which was recently acquired by ABC taxis. He’s a renewable energy engineer who has over a decade of experience working for clean energy companies.

He’s also served in the RAF and is a husband and father of two boys. Leon’s been instrumental in connecting us to local delivery drivers and electric vehicles.

Janine Marsden
The problem of our time
Our planet is sick...

We're on a mission to design a new way of living that cares for people and the planet.

Our vision for a better future
Make the good choice easy

We want to make it easy for people to support local business, reduce waste and invest in the sutainability of our food supply.

Our beliefs

1. Life is inherently valuable.
2. Our ability to collaborate for the common good is what makes us human .
3. In order to survive, we need to learn how to live in harmony with the earth.
4. Organic agriculture is the only viable way to feed the human race
5. Clean energy (solar, wind) is the only viable way to power humanity
6. Business is a powerful vehicle for good when it's reason for being is to serve people and the planet
7. Everyone has something to teach and something to learn.
8. Everyone deserves to have access to fresh, organic food.
9. Work should empower people to be their best selves in every aspect of life.
10. We are fortunate in every way—therefore, it is our duty to serve people and the planet.

Our values

1. Customer, customer, customer.
2. Be you.
3. Be humble, patient and kind.
4. Be lean, iterative and experiment-driven.
5. Take care of your body, mind, and soul.
6. Treat others with care, compassion and love.
7. Build trust through open, honest, and clear communication.

Our strategy

1. Start small with a big vision for a better future.
2. Spark a Hyperlocal Revolution in Norfolk where local business, conscious consumers and delivery drivers work together for their common good.
3. Deepen relationships between consumers and the people responsible for producing their food.
4. Reduce waste by investing in quality containers and scalable technology systems.
5. Reduce emissions by planting trees and investing in a zero emissions delivery network powered by clean energy (solar and wind).
6. Build a large devoted customer base delighted by a stable supply of organic products.
7. Invite local producers to make the switch to organic and become a part of our platform.

Looking for a new challenge?

We're looking for world-class professionals who are passionate about local community, organic food, zero waste and zero emissions. If you're a lifelong learner who can work at a fast pace with high levels of uncertainty—we'd love to hear from you.

Contact us

The great city of Norwich, Norfolk is our home

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Norwich, NR1 1UA

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