About Goodery

Goodery is an online organic grocery marketplace. We connect local farmers, ethical businesses and conscious consumers. Together we want to redesign the local food value chain here in East Anglia. We do this with zero emissions and as little waste possible.

We started up in Norwich, Norfolk as a response to the needs of our community during COVID-19. We teamed up with Tony Park and his team at Arthur's Organics, bought two electric vans and have been running ever since!

The problem of our time
Our planet is sick...

We're on a mission to design a new way of living that cares for people and the planet.

Goodery is set up to

Redesign the local food value chain to account for societal and environmental costs by increasing organic growing and eating in East Anglia.

Our beliefs

1. Life is inherently valuable and we are mercifully fortunate—therefore, it is our duty to serve people and the planet.

2. Organic agriculture is the viable way to feed the human race.

3. Business is a powerful vehicle for good when it's reason for being is to serve people and the planet .

Our values

1. Be humble. Be patient. Be faithful in the small things.

2. Be lean, iterative and experiment-driven. Take risks.

3. Treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself.

Our strategy

1. Build relationships.

2. Work together to increase demand for local, organically grown food by increasing consumer access; and to strengthen the supply chain of organic food by giving local growers the market confidence to grow more organic food, encouraging connections between consumers and producers.

3. Maybe have some fun. Maybe start a revolution.

Got questions?

We would absolutely love to hear from you.

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