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Get organic food and everyday essentials from local farmers and ethical businesses near you.

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We're a platform that helps local farmers and ethical businesses reach conscious consumers near them.

Redesigning food, packaging and waste.

Single-use plastic should be a thing of the past. We're working to make the right thing easier to do.
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Groceries for people and the planet

Goodery is a grocery marketplace that connects local farmers, ethical businesses and conscious consumers.

Good for you

Delicious food with zero waste

Get your weekly organic shop delivered with zero waste. Reuse or return your containers for a refund.

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Good for farmers

Organic food

We only source fruit and vegetables from certified organic farms, which means fewer damaging chemicals for you, farmers, or the planet.

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Good for your community
Locally sourced

We source goods from local organic suppliers wherever possible. If you're a local supplier who wants to sell your products on our site, we'd love to hear from you.

Good for the planet
Native trees and electric fleets

We deliver with zero emissions, driving electric vans powered by wind and solar energy, and we plant native trees in Norfolk every time you order.

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The problem of our time
Our planet is sick...

We're on a mission to redesign the food value chain so people can learn how to live in harmony with the planet.