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Goodery coffee tin subscription
Goodery coffee tin subscription
Goodery coffee tin subscription
Goodery coffee tin subscription
Goodery coffee tin subscription

Goodery coffee tin subscription

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Come on a journey with us to explore the most delicious and exciting coffees that the world has to offer.  We'll be seeking to provide you with some of the best coffees available, learning as we go, about the geographies, processes and especially the growers who make coffee special.

When brewed properly, it can be a bit like magic. We carefully select a different origin each month that meets our high standards for excellent coffee that cares for people and the planet.

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Early April's feature coffee: El Salvador's Valiente

by Symposium

Carbon neutral coffee from El Salvador

Origin: El Salvador, Santa Ana

Producer: The Valiente family

Process: Washed

Cultivar: Pacamara

Altitude: 1200 - 1500

Cupping Profile: Earl Grey Tea, Caramel & Dark Chocolate

The name Cafenor comes from the region the mill is located in the Northern region of Santa Ana. The Valiente family who run the operation headed by Alejandro and his dauhters Monica and Valeria who have coffee in their ancestory dating back to 1890 and Alejandro’s great grandfather. The family have a farm named Anarquía which is planted with Bourbon, Pacas, Pacamara and Typica as well as having the mill to vertically integrate their business.

The Mill helps support around 65 smallholder farmers located in and around this area all who farm on small plots from 1- 3 ha in size. The aim of Cafenor is to support all these small producers with the commercialisation of their coffees and give them access to the specialty market. They also support their community with purchasing of supplies in volume like fertiliser, provide access to training as well as giving them access to post harvest infrastructure at the mill.

All coffees that are processed at the mill are dried on shaded African beds whether this be washed, honey or natural. As part of their core mission Cafenor are looking to be sustainable in all their practices and all energy at the mill is supplied by solar panels on the roof. They are also looking at the water usage at the mill to ensure not a single drop of water is wasted in water usage at the mill to ensure not a single drop of water is wasted in the processing. The mill is certified carbon neutral as they have invested in a geothermal energy project named La Geo working in El Salvador to supply the country with a green source of energy as the country demand increases.


The Goodery coffee is absolutely incredible. The beans have obviously had a lot of love and care put into the roasting, the picking and the delivery. Josh really cares about his coffee, and his customers and wants to ensure that they are seeing the bigger picture behind what they are drinking. The fact that the coffee is sustainable, zero-emissions, packaged beautifully and easily one of the tastiest around as well as being carefully curated each month, makes it all the better. Not only does it smell great, taste delicious, it looks damn cool on your kitchen work-top.

 - Alex


The difference of speciality

For many coffee is just a daily dose of caffeine, but we see it as an opportunity to become truly present, to connect with something special and to support an art form that provides economic and environmental resilience for farming communities around the world.

High quality organic coffee grown to speciality standards is something truly unique. We’ve been amazed at the diversity and complexity of flavour when it’s grown, roasted and brewed with care.

There’s something profound that happens when you get the right bean, at the right grind size, with the right temperature water and the right dose. It’s like magic.

I've enjoyed making a ritual out of it and my son loves the whole process. I can’t wait to share this joy with more people and invite others into this dance of soil, people and bean. 


Choose your grind

We recommend grinding at home, just before you brew for freshness, but we can also grind the way you like it according to your method of brewing, from a fine 'stove-top' grind to a coarse french press grind and anything in between. If you need any help with choosing the right grind the head to our coffee community page. Get your hands on your own grinder here.

Product information and photographs are for general advice and illustrative purposes. From time to time packaging, recipes and ingredients may vary and change and the information on this site may not be as up to date as we would like it to be.

Have you noticed that this information is out of date or inaccurate? If so email us at support@goodery.co.uk with a link to the product and any inaccurate information you've found. We'll fix it ASAP!

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