Planting native trees and investing in electric fleets

Planting native trees and investing in electric fleets

As part of our mission to care for people and the planet, we are committed to delivering every product with net zero emissions.

This is done in one of two ways:

  1. Using 100% clean energy and electric vehicles (or bicycles)

  2. Using fossil fuels and offsetting the emissions by planting trees and investing in clean energy

As we haven’t yet acquired our electric fleet (but are working on it), we’re reaching net zero by calculating emissions of each delivery and offsetting them.

We have partnered with Carbon Footprint, the leading organisation in carbon calculation and offsetting. Every week, after our deliveries, we use a carbon calculator to work out the amount of carbon produced. The calculator produces our footprint for that week in tons CO2e. This is a measure of green house gas equivalents in carbon dioxide.

Carbon Footprint then advises how much it costs to offset that carbon, and offers a number of environmental projects we can direct that cost towards.

We have chosen to offset our carbon footprint by planting trees, close to home in the East of England. Our chosen project also operates in a “buddy” system: partnering up with a scheme abroad, specifically a Reduced Degradation and Deforestation project (REDD+), which protects the Amazon Rainforest. Each contribution therefore matches planting a native tree on home soil AND offsetting 1 tonnes of CO2 through the REDD+ scheme. 

Investing into the future at home, and protecting the future of the planet’s largest ecosystem. A win-win, in our eyes! 

The trees we fund will be planted in the coming tree planting season (after summer). As native species trees, they will not only offset carbon emissions, but also support biodiversity in the UK. 

Carbon Footprint often work to plant trees directly with schools which will also reap invaluable educational benefits on the environment.

The project runs hand-on days experience days which teach the children to plant the trees and learn about how they support wildlife and improve the air quality.

Once schools reopen again we hope our trees will help inform the next generation on why native species trees are essential to the health and happiness of our environment.

We can keep track of trees planted by Carbon Footprint via their Tree Planting Map which showcases all locations where they have planted trees since 2017.

As we plant more trees in our journey, we look forward to seeing the map grow.

Every time you receive a product from Goodery, you’re helping plant trees in your community and taking carbon out of the air. Good for you, good for others, good for the planet.

By subscribing to our weekly fruit and vegetable boxes, you’ll not only be supporting the environment, but also your local growers.

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  • Jane Fieldsend

    The whole project sounds brilliant and I am so pleased to help support your work for biodiversity and the planet! I will continue to purchase my organic fruit and veggies from Goodery.

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