Josh and Matti are now Directors of Goodery!

Josh and Matti are now Directors of Goodery!

Hey everyone, John Ellison here. 👋

I wanted to write to you briefly to express my gratitude for your support over the last year or so. We’ve been fortunate to meet the needs of so many different types of people throughout lockdowns and beyond: From NHS staff and key workers to families and people shielding from COVID.

We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you deciding to shop local, buy organic and eat more plant-based foods. Thank you.

I’m excited to share a major update about Goodery’s journey as I’m confident it will bring good things for you as well as our suppliers and the entire organic movement across East Anglia.

New Directors

Joshua Smith and Matthew St John are now Directors of Goodery Ltd! 🎉

Check out their announcement on Youtube if you haven't already:

Exciting Things Afoot for Goodery

They’ve stepped up to realize a powerful vision for the future. I am so grateful to have them onboard! 👏

Since the beginning

Both of these excellent young gentleman were right there with me in the early days of starting Goodery when we first witnessed the pain of the pandemic pressed upon our community and began delivering free boxes of food to NHS staff across the city.

Josh and Matti have learned an incredible amount in just over a year and have taken on great responsibility across operations, sales, marketing and finance.

They have taught me a lot about relationships and shown profound character by remaining kind, faithful and committed amidst conflict and uncertainty.

Handing over the reigns

As a result of a confluence of many factors, one of which is the arrival of my second born child into the world, I have decided to hand over the reigns of management to Josh and Matti. I will remain an active shareholder and a non-executive director to help support Josh and Matti through the next season of growth.

If you want to read more about my decision to step down from CEO, feel free to take a look at my personal blog post “My Goodery story: Startup as a vehicle for personal growth."

What’s next?

Josh and Matti have secured a place in the prestigious Cambridge Social Ventures startup accelerator to help them realize an exciting vision for the next season of Goodery’s journey. Some of the headline items we are working on:

1. Starting a Goodery market garden
2. Empowering the next generation of organic farmers
3. Opening an in-person shop in Norwich
4. Making organic more accessible to all

If you’d like to get involved in helping shape any of the above, I know Josh and Matti would love to hear from you.

If you have any questions about anything I’ve written, please feel free to reach out. My email is and I do maintain it on a weekly basis despite stepping down as CEO.

Thank you again

You’re the whole reason we’ve all dedicated our lives to this cause of shopping local, supporting organic and eating plant-based foods.

Thanks for making the choices you do every single week.

Thank you for supporting us,


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