About Goodery

Good grocery—delivered.

We're an online grocery store on a mission to create thriving local economies for the good of people and the planet.

We started Goodery during the first lockdown as a response to the pandemic here in Norwich, Norfolk. We began delivering food boxes to NHS staff at home and in hospitals. Then we teamed up with Tony Park and his team at Arthur's Organics, bought two electric vans and kept going!

Since then we've worked hard to support the local economy by providing fresh organic produce to conscious consumers across Norfolk. We've planted over 3500 trees and delivered over 10,000 orders since April 2020!

Meet the team

John Ellison

John is a social entrepreneur who dropped out of university to run a tech startup in America. He now lives on a smallholding in Norfolk with his wife and son where they grow vegetables, hang out with chickens and enjoy life together.

Matthew St John

Matti is a passionate youth worker who has been serving our local community over the last three years. He’s been a key contributor for Goodery since day one. He's now leading our customer service team to delight customers every single week.

Joshua Smith

Josh is our business development lead. Josh is passionate about discovering ways to help farming communities become more resilient in the face of environmental and economic disasters. We've grown our coffee offering from Josh's passion to serve people and the planet.

Scott Blyth

Scott is the operations manager who has somehow managed to hold all the strings of this business together since day one! He runs the business day to day here at Goodery and has a fun time trying to keep Josh and Matti focused while he learns from Organic Produce Master Tony Park.

Tony Park

Tony Park is our resident organic produce expert with over 35 years selling organic food in Norfolk. Tony is the sole proprietor behind Arthur's Organics, a much loved veg box scheme that joined Goodery in July 2020. He knows his fruit and veg like nobody's business.

Kat Doonan

Kat is a customer service and administrator for Arthur's Organics that joined Goodery in July 2020. She takes care of our 'build your own box' offering and ensures customers get what they ordered each and every week!

Carlo Saio

Carlo is a poet, musician, craftsman and jewellry maker from Kenya. He joined the Goodery fulfilment team back in August and has been an indispensable part ever since. He has an allotment with the Sustainable Living Initiative at the Marlpit Community Garden, where he first met Nigel and came onboard.

Reed Chapman

Reed is a UEA graduate who joined Goodery back in December 2020 and has been taking care of our 'build your own box' customers each and every week. 

Jessica Craker CMO

Jessica Craker

Jessica brings more than 15 years’ experience within corporates, and start-ups across sectors. She has held key brand roles at Orbitz, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Ovo Energy and EdPlace.

Sumit Jain

Sumit is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Goodery. He runs a portfolio of food businesses across the UK and is passionate about food, people and taking care of the planet.

Vikas Narula

Vikas is the Operations Director at Goodery with over a decade of experience managing teams in hospitality across the UK.

Paolo Peretti

Paolo is an advisor to the board with decades of experience managing and consulting for hospitality businesses across the UK. He joined Goodery with Sumit and Vikas in March 2021.