About Goodery

Good groceries, delivered.

We're a local, online grocery store on a mission to care for people and the planet. 

We started Goodery during the first lockdown as a response to the pandemic here in Norwich, Norfolk. We began delivering food boxes to NHS staff at home and in hospitals. Then we teamed up with Tony Park and his team at Arthur's Organics, bought two electric vans and kept going!

Since then we've worked hard to support the local economy by providing fresh organic produce to conscious consumers across Norfolk. Faithful in the small steps, trust for the big steps!

Goodery is set up to 
1) Protect and promote soil and society health in East Anglia.
2) Increase organic growing and eating in East Anglia.
3) Redesign the local food value chain to account for societal and environmental costs (soil and air).

Goodery's activity will benefit
1) Consumers of organic produce in East Anglia
2) Growers of organic produce in East Anglia and beyond.
3) The general population with regards to cleaner air, healthier wildlife, and protected pedosphere.

Goodery will achieve these purposed by

1) Increasing demand for local, organically grown food by increasing consumer access.
2) Strengthening the supply chain of organic food by giving local growers the market confidence to grow more organic food, and making stronger connections between consumers and producers.

Meet the team

The Ellison's

The Ellisons live on a smallholding in Loddon, Norfolk where they grow vegetables, hang out with chickens and enjoy life together. Their two boys, Reuben and Jesse, keep life entertaining. They are pioneers and movers, shakers in their generation. 

Matthew St John

Matti is a passionate youth worker, community builder and cold water swimmer. He likes adventures and he likes people. This is also his first real job. 

Joshua Smith

Josh is passionate about discovering ways to help farming communities become more resilient in the face of environmental and economic disasters, as well as Cossack dancing and pipe smoking.

Scott Blyth

Scott is from North Walsham.