Winter 22

Winter 22

Hey Folks! 

Happy December you jolly melons !

Well done for making it through the year. I hope you are still able to hold all things with a grateful and humble heart. 

2022 has been big for Goodery 

  • Josh had a baby

  • We started a Market Garden

  • We made lots of new friends (you!)

  • We became a CIC

  • We delivered 1,000s of veg boxes , filled with locally grown organic produce. Win !

None of this would be remotely possible without YOU. Thank you. 

It’s so important to celebrate. Especially the small things. 

When you celebrate a milestone, you are attaching meaning to the process. Meaning to the struggles, the pain points, the suffering. 

We commend you ; celebrate this month! Celebrate the small milestones. Attach meaning to the process. Find Hope. 

Joy !


Jack at the Goodery Garden  



The seasons are noticeably drawing in on the farm and as the nights pull closer and the temperature drops, our work changes. The time of dormancy draws in. A quieter feeling hangs over the land, there are daily check ins from a friendly wren in the polytunnels and a buzzard prowls every afternoon.


Beds are being fleeced to keep the worst of the frost out over the long winter months and those that will not be fleeced are being cleared ready for new growth next spring. However, even in these cold dark times there are actions that will not come to fruition until next year. 


Small acts of hope and defiance. I’m already excited to see what next year brings. So much has already been achieved here and will be in years to come. Thank you everyone for believing in this mission, we

could not be more grateful.


The Vision for 2023:


Soil health. People's health. Resilient food systems. 


We want these qualities built in East Anglia ; more organic growers and eaters than ever before. 


With the planting of the Goodery Garden this year, we set up an ebenezer to mark the responsibility we have towards the land.  It’s our vision to see more people growing good food, caring for soil and providing fresh, tasty, nutritious food for our region - the next generation of organic growers.


In order to do this we need to invest in more covered space, as well as in growers’ time to teach and demonstrate what can be done with the right tools, knowledge and care. 


So - we’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign early next year to make sure we can carry on being a vehicle for the cause. Exciting! 

These are groceries for a future.


Peace Friend x

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