Spring 22

Spring 22

Hey Folks!

What a wonderful time to be kicking it in Norfolk. Dream!

We’ve got lots to update you on, but before we get into that - here’s a quote to get us started..

If what you see is all you see ; then you’ll never see all there is to see..

More on that later!

We are steadily making our way through Spring. What a joy ! The recent spells of sunshine have been a wonderful blessing, but the soil is hungry for rain ! 

Here’s what we’ve been working on over spring :

The Market Garden

The land is prepared for planting! The Ash farm team have been working hard to cultivate the field ready for planting, whilst the garden team have been giving it their all to put up 2 polytunnels, ready to fill with tomatoes and agretti this week! And later, cucumbers, basil and French beans.

The team have started planting out crops, starting with onions, shallots, beetroots and colourful chards. 

The greenhouse and propagation benches are teaming with plants so now we're on a massive mission to get crops in the ground. With a lovely mulch of caple farm mushroom compost at the same time! Love from Jen ! x


It’s been an eventful time since our last update. Personally I’ve moved house and had a newborn daughter! Along with that it’s been an exciting time raising money for and helping to set up our Market Garden. My next job is to tell as many people as possible what we’re up to and how they can get our delicious produce. Love from Josh ! x


As we head into summer it’s an exciting time for produce. It has been a difficult couple of months designing the menu for the boxes, thinking about locality, variety and keeping everyone smiling! We  always try to make our boxes as plentiful and local as possible but obviously this is much harder during the hungry gap! Now we look forward to some lovely local produce from Hughes Organics in Norfolk, Nacton And Capel farms in Suffolk and we will have our first produce through our organic Goodery Garden! Love from Scotty! x


Back to the quote (go read it again!) - If we live our lives purely built on just what we see in front of us, I don’t think we’d get very far. One must have vision, hope, a bright horizon! Seeing the empty polytunnels has been such the case, let us fix our eyes on what is to come! Who’s up for seeing all there is to see?!


Dream big ! xx

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