November 21

November 21

Dear friends

Matti and Josh here. How time flies, November has come and gone! The word for this month has been - grateful. Gratefulness is a deep appreciation for a kindness received. We’ve received abundantly more than we could think or imagine. Here’s a few that stand out :

  1. We’re grateful for the opportunity we have to do some good in our region. Every single day. 
  2. We’re grateful for the support and encouragement our friends and family give us.
  3. We’re grateful for each and every one of you who chooses to believe in this every time you place an order. 

And so, what is the vision? Here’s what we came up with earlier in the Autumn. This is the purpose we’re writing into our articles as we become a Community Interest Corporation - which means that the following, rather than just profit, guide our decisions. 

Goodery is set up to:

1) Protect and promote soil and society health in East Anglia.

2) Increase organic growing and eating in East Anglia.

3) Redesign the local food value chain to account for societal and environmental costs (soil and air).

Goodery's activity will benefit:

1) Consumers of organic produce in East Anglia

2) Growers of organic produce in East Anglia and beyond.

3) The general population with regards to cleaner air, healthier wildlife, and protected pedosphere.

Goodery will achieve these purposed by:

1) Increasing demand for local, organically grown food by increasing consumer access.

2) Strengthening the supply chain of organic food by giving local growers the market confidence to grow more organic food, and making stronger connections between consumers and producers.

We’ve got very exciting plans to outwork this vision in 2022 -  including starting to grow produce. We’re looking for partners to support us so watch this space!

Until next time,

Josh and Matti

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