January 2023

January 2023

Hey Folks! 

I hope you’re all off to a jolly start to the year. I have a feeling we’re in for a big one ! 

We’re so grateful for what the team + you guys have achieved. It gives us hope and confidence for what’s to come. Pressing on !

How’s this for a thought - 

The only letter of recommendation we need for Goodery is you. Your lives are like a letter..the everyday choices you make, the way you carry yourself; everyone can read it. They can read it and see that something is going on !

You guys are proof that this is possible. We can create resilient food. We can create resilient communities.  Let's continue to share the good news to our friends. Go for it !


Jen at The Market Garden  


The farm is very beautiful and fairly quiet at this time of year, with very little produce remaining unharvested. 


However, we see signs of spring as the purple sprouting broccoli is coming on nicely and the garlic has all sprouted. The tunnels are full of young plants, especially rainbow chard, spinach and herbs and when days start to get longer and temperatures warm a little, those plants should grow on and produce some nice leaves for boxes in early spring. 


Meanwhile, I am analysing our yields from last year, and crop planning for this coming year. It's fascinating to see what we achieved last year and use this information to plan to get the absolute best crops next year.

I am ordering seeds, compost and seed sowing will begin in February with things like tomatoes and chillies.  We propagate all the plants we put in the ground ourselves from organic seed. Most are sown in module trays in the greenhouse, and we later transplant those seedlings into the ground. 


It’s a fun time of year to get excited about all the plans for the veg and think creatively about how to get as much goodness from the Goodery Garden into your boxes as possible in 2023. 




We want to raise 30k to strengthen the capacity of our Market Garden. We’ll spend the money on supporting a trainee Market Garden Assistant who will learn to grow regeneratively and redemptively on our land; and to improve the infrastructure on our Market Garden. This will not only increase our capacity for growth - enabling us to cultivate more local organic produce, and feed more of Norfolk with healthy, good food; we can - crucially - facilitate the growth and training of the next generation of organic growers here in East Anglia. 


We will launch the campaign on the 15th February. 


There will be LOADS of ways to get involved and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we go. But here’s the first thing to chuck into the diary ↓



Community Gathering 👍

We’re gathering on Wednesday 15th February at 7pm - AND YOU ARE INVITED !

We’ll be meeting at The Sanctuary, Norwich for some light food, a jolly time and some sharing of ideas and encouragement. 

We’re really keen to build a community of friends who can journey with us. So whether you’re an old friend or a new; you’re welcome to join 🙂

Please RSVP to me and I can send you more details - matthew@goodery.co.uk


Peace Friend x


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