December 21

December 21

Issue No. 68

A Christmas Update - Josh

When you put your heart and soul into something and attempt it with all of your effort, it is never wasted. The results? They might be unexpected. But something of value always occurs when you make the sacrifices necessary to do something worthwhile. 

We want to express our gratitude to all of you who have made Goodery possible. All the boxes packed, all the miles driven, all the carrots harvested and eaten. All of it makes a difference to our region and our environment and we am so glad we get to be part of this. 

The Goodery Garden 

A good part of our excitement comes from the news that from the New Year, we will be starting our very own Market Garden. When we set out on our mission of supporting the next generation of organic growers we soon came to realise that access to capital and land was a major blocker for most new growers. That’s why we took the step of committing to cultivate some unused land on the lovely Organic Ash Farm in Bintree. We’re investing in equipment and expertise to bring you fresher, tastier, more interesting produce and to truly commit to our purpose of backing the next generation of organic growers. It’s with that news that we’d like to introduce you to our Head Grower: Jen. Trained by the agroecological experts Hannah and Tom over at Eve’s Hill Veg Co, Jen brings not only green fingers but also her infectious smile. We’re very excited to have her on the team.


The Social Enterprise

Another very cool fact is that Goodery is officially and legally becoming a Community Interest Corporation, which means that our articles of incorporation state our mission as something that the company is obliged to work towards, not to be sacrificed for greater profit. We felt this to be an important step to protect our social purpose.


Your Part

Buying our produce is the best way of supporting our mission, but if you’d like to get involved in any other way, they’ll be opportunities to support the growth of the Goodery Garden next year by buying a yearly subscription, sharing Goodery with friends and family, and of course by letting us know how we’re getting on. We would love to hear from you.

Peace and Love,

Josh and Matti

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