Home Brew Coffee Kit
Home Brew Coffee Kit
Home Brew Coffee Kit
Home Brew Coffee Kit
Home Brew Coffee Kit
Home Brew Coffee Kit
Home Brew Coffee Kit

Home Brew Coffee Kit

Regular price £79.00

Our home brew coffee kit provides everything you need to make delicious speciality coffee at home. Whether you're new to speciality coffee or on your way to being a pro, we've developed a range to meet your needs and your budget:

  • Newbie
  • Hobbyist
  • Pro

You can buy items individually in our store, or buy all the items together in a kit and save.

Newbie £79

Brewer: Aeropress Go
Grinder: Rhino Compact hand grinder
Scales: On-balance Envy (no timer)

An elegant and convenient way to make a delicious brew, the Aeropress coffee maker comes with 350 paper filters, scoop, stirrer and carry-cup. Great at home or on the go.

The Rhino hand-grinder utilises high quality ceramic burs with adjustable grind setting. Comes with Aeropress adaptor for ease of use.

Weighing is an essential part of consistently good coffee. These On-balance Envy digital mini-scales have 0.1g precision and can weigh up to 3000g. Comes with batteries, 2 trays, 6 modes and tare function.

Hobbyist £246

Brewer: Kinto slow dripper + Kinto Server 600ml
Grinder: Baratza Encore
Scales: Hario (with timer)
Kettle: Kinto Pourover kettle 900ml

Aesthetically pleasing and simple to use, the Kinto slow dripper is a great tool for making seriously smooth tasting coffee. Partner that with Kinto's elegant 600ml server and designer swan neck Pour over Kettle and you have a very stylish and practical way of brewing a tasty cup or three. Comes with 40 paper filters. 

The Baratza Encore is a grinder for those who take their home brewing seriously. With 40 grind steps between 250-1200μm this is a one-stop grinder for all your home brew methods. 

The Hario Drip Scale is a reliable and stylish way to ensure your precision is spot on for timing and water volume. Along with a 0.1g precision and a 2000g capacity the scale also features an integrated timer.

Pro £570

Brewer: Chemex 6-cup with 100 paper filters
Grinder: Baratza Virtuoso+
Scales: Acaia Pearl
Kettle: Fellows Stagg EKG

The Chemed brewer is the pinnacle of pour over coffee making. Its elegant design and craftsmanship make it beautiful addition to the coffee enthusiast's kit and kitchen. The thicker filter paper and non-absorbent glass ensures a smooth brew that can be enjoyed hot or cool. Comes with 100 filter papers.

The Baratza-Encore Virtuoso+ is the ultimate grinder for those who value a truly uniform grind at home. With a slower burr speed, digital display and incredible precision, this is a grinder for serious brewers. 

The Acaia Pearl is designed to be functional, precise and beautiful, compatible with the Acaia iPhone & Android app. It has a 20ms response time and is highly accurate with industrial grade stability. It is also rechargeable, negating the need for batteries. 

Water temperature and pour rate has a big effect on how coffee tastes so a kettle that can control the temperature AND pour with precision is a must for those who are serious about taking their coffee game to the top. The Fellows Stagg EKG is the perfect kettle for brewers. It has a variable temperature control from 40 to 100C, a temperature hold function and a practical 900ml capacity. 


Please note

For the Newbie kit, orders placed before Wednesday midday will be delivered that Friday. Orders after Wednesday midday will be delivered the following Friday. 

For the Hobbyist and Pro kits, please leave 10 working days between purchase and delivery. 

Coffee tastes better with others

To getting the most out of your morning brew, head to the coffee community page and check out our professional brew tips and connect with roasters, growers and fellow coffee lovers. Join in our caffeinated chats to tour featured roasters and learn more about the story behind your beans.

The following is a guide to what's in each of our boxes this week, subject to change due to seasonal availability. All products are certified organic, unless otherwise stated.

    Week of August 10th 2020

    Norfolk Seasonal Organic Fruit Box

    Small Fruit Box

    • Apple Discovery  (0.35 kg)
    • Bananas/fairtrade  (0.35 kg)
    • Pears Guyot (New)  (0.3 kg)

                  Medium Fruit Box

                  • Apple Discovery (0.5 kg)
                  • Bananas/fairtrade (0.5 kg)
                  • Clementines (0.35 kg)
                  • Pears Guyot (New) (0.35 kg)

                                  Large Fruit Box

                                  • Apple Discovery  (0.7 kg)
                                  • Bananas/fairtrade (0.8 kg)
                                  • Melon Galia (0.7 kg)
                                  • Oranges (0.6 kg)
                                  • Pears Guyot (New) (0.5 kg)

                                                  Extra Large Fruit Box

                                                  • Apple Discovery (0.6 kg)
                                                  • Apple Cripps Pink (0.6 kg)
                                                  • Bananas/fairtrade (1 kg)
                                                  • Clementines (0.5 kg)
                                                  • Grapes Black (0.6 kg)
                                                  • Oranges (0.8 kg)
                                                  • Pears Guyot (New) (0.6 kg)
                                                  • Plums (0.5 kg)

                                                                  Norfolk Seasonal Organic Vegetable Box

                                                                  Small Vegetable Box

                                                                  • Beans - Round (0.35 kg)
                                                                  • Carrots (0.35 kg)
                                                                  • Courgettes (0.25 kg)
                                                                  • Cucumber - Mini    X 2
                                                                  • Onions Yellow (0.25 kg)
                                                                  • Spinach Perpetual (0.2 kg)

                                                                      Medium Vegetable Box

                                                                      • Beetroot (0.35 kg)
                                                                      • Carrots (0.45 kg)
                                                                      • Chard - Rainbow (0.4 kg)
                                                                      • Courgettes (0.3 kg)
                                                                      • Cucumber Long    X 1
                                                                      • Lettuce Cos    X 1
                                                                      • Onions Yellow (0.3 kg)
                                                                      • Tomato Various (0.6 kg)

                                                                      Large Vegetable Box

                                                                      • Carrots (0.6 kg)
                                                                      • Courgettes (0.4 kg)
                                                                      • Cucumber Long    X 1
                                                                      • Lettuce Fancy Red    X 1
                                                                      • Mushroom / White (0.22 kg)
                                                                      • Onions Yellow (0.4 kg)
                                                                      • Pepper/red  (0.15 kg)
                                                                      • Spinach Perpetual (0.25 kg)
                                                                      • Tomato Various (0.75 kg)

                                                                        Extra Large Vegetable Box

                                                                        • Carrots    (1 kg)
                                                                        • Chard - Rainbow (0.25 kg)
                                                                        • Courgettes (0.4 kg)
                                                                        • Cucumber - Mini    X 2
                                                                        • Kale - Cavolo Nero (0.35 kg)
                                                                        • Lettuce Cos    X 1
                                                                        • Mushroom / White  (0.22 kg)
                                                                        • Onions Yellow (0.5 kg)
                                                                        • Tomato Various (0.75 kg)

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