Carbon Emissions & Offsetting Ledger

We're actively applying for a grant (BEE Anglia) to invest in electric vehicles that will be 100% powered by wind and solar. In the meantime, we are planting trees and investing in clean energy to offset the emissions of our deliveries and operations.

This costs us money and time. It reduces our profitability. Here's why we're so passionate about doing this.

Carbon Emissions

Most of human activity is powered by fossil fuels: Cars, homes, machines, factories—you name it. When fossil fuels are burned, they emit greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide being one of them). As we emit more and more greenhouse gases, the planet gets hotter and hotter.

Hotter temperatures mean warmer seas. Warmer seas mean melting icebergs. Melting icebergs mean higher sea levels. More flooding. More mosquitos. More dengue. More illness. More healthcare costs. More conflict. More war.

The knock-on effect of carbon emissions is endless. Earth is a complex, sensitive system that has sustained life for millenia. We're messing with the balance by burning fossil fuels

Climate Positive

At Goodery, we want to be like a tree: Making positive contributions to our climate by drawing carbon emissions out of the air and sinking it into the earth. The soil can handle carbon a lot better than our atmosphere can.

Goodery Forest

We've partnered with Offset earth to make a public commitment to our role in the climate crisis. Check out our forest here:

Carbon Offsetting

Here's a public ledger that shows the emissions we're creating by delivering our products and how we're offsetting them by planting trees and investing in clean energy. This carbon offsetting approach is a temporary solution to maintain net zero emissions from day one.

Goodery Carbon Emissions and Offsetting Ledger

If you have any questions about this approach please contact us.

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