Welcome to the community: Why good coffee tastes so much better with others

Welcome to the community: Why good coffee tastes so much better with others

We created the Goodery Coffee Club with one goal in mind:

> To explore the amazing world of coffee alongside roasters, growers and fellow coffee lovers.

The Problem

Whilst we may have been known to catch a cheeky lone brew now and again, coffee has always and predominantly been a social drink. From when Ethiopian farmers started to pick this natural stimulant, to Yemenese traders developing their alchemy to make the black gold, to the first European coffee houses opening up their doors to the city elite and beyond, coffee has had its place within a social context. It has become synonymous with meeting: ‘let’s talk about that over coffee’ or ‘I’d love to get a coffee with you’ etc.


Here in Norfolk we made connections at our favourite coffee shops, sharing happiness, curiosity or sadness over a hot black liquid or one crafted with textured milk. Or perhaps when we had people over for coffee, remember those days?!  A coffee alone once in a while is great. A coffee alone as the norm is only half the experience. 

Last year I had the privilege of being invited into the homes of villagers in the hills of Flores, Indonesia. We weren’t allowed to do anything before our host brought out their home grown coffee, freshly roasted and brewed in the cup. What I learned was that their lives were hugely impacted by coffee: the growing, the soil, climate change and local trade practices. 
This experience and others like it have meant that coffee has become so much more to me than the taste or the caffeine hit. Coffee is about community, about the growers, the environment and everyone who's lives are touched by this industry.
I want my coffee drinking experience to reflect this and to centre around that community, learning more from each other and sharing ways to enjoy sustainably. 



So what can we do?

At Goodery, we want to make sure that we don’t just supply the best coffee we can get our hands on. We want to make your coffee drinking experience one that is as fulfilling as possible and for us, that means drinking together. 

So how do we do that?

Caffeinated Chats

One way to do this is to meet up online through our regular Caffeinated Chats, where we’ll be gathering on Zoom, getting to know each other and brewing up together. That way we get to taste and enjoy in the company of friends. We've got an exciting line-up of brewing tutorials, roastery tours and discussions.
We’ll also be on a journey of learning together: from researching ways to drink coffee more sustainably to understanding who’s involved in the world of coffee, and what impacts we have on the growers who work to produce our drink. We’ll be sharing regular videos and blogs so you can share the discovery and discussion. 


Join the club

We want to create a space for people who love coffee to learn, share, chat and drink. It’s free, and always will be. Anyone can join, but right now it’s invitation-only.
In order to foster genuine relationships, we ask people to request an invite so we can speak to them individually.

That way we can learn more about you, your passion for coffee and how we can help support you. Once you join, we’ll release invitations for you to send to your coffee friends who you feel would be a great addition to our community.


To request an invite head to goodery.co.uk/coffee.

To taste our latest speciality roast, head over to the Goodery shop to check out our latest coffee. We hope you enjoy it and we’d love to hear what you think either via josh@goodery.co.uk or over on social media.

Happy drinking!


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