Welcome to Goodery Coffee. This is our mission.

Welcome to Goodery Coffee. This is our mission.

We're proud to announce that Goodery now provides world-class organic coffee, straight to your door. Every month, we'll be releasing new coffees from organic growers and outstanding roasters all over the world. 

Join our community and give our coffee a go

Join us in a daily ritual of drinking incredible coffee that takes care of people and the planet:

We’re doing this because we love coffee. But we’re also doing this because we believe that together, we can design a new way of living.

The planet is sick...

plastic bottle

Climate change. Air pollution. Plastic waste. Topsoil degradation. Freshwater drain. Forest fires.

Something needs to change. A lot of this is out of our control, but some of it isn’t. At Goodery, we’re working hard to make it easier for people to make the right choices. If the convenient choice is the one that’s good for people and the planet, then everyone wins. 

We believe that:

  • Food should not only taste good, but be good for you and the community that grows it
  • Toxic chemicals like pesticides and herbicides don’t belong anywhere near our food
  • Single-use plastic needs to become a thing of the past
  • Fossil fuels should be ditched in favour of clean, renewable energy (wind and solar)

That’s why all our coffee is:

  1. Speciality grade
  2. Certified organic
  3. Zero waste
  4. Carbon neutral

Speciality grade coffee: Good for you

There’s coffee, and then there’s speciality coffee. There’s the dark, black, bitter stuff you drown with milk and sugar, and then there’s the sweet, floral, balanced liquid that dances around your taste buds and beckons you for more.

We only source the highest quality speciality grade beans grown from a single origin and roasted in small batches by a passionate team of coffee professionals.

If you’ve never had speciality coffee, give it a go. But be careful, it will probably change your life.

Speciality grade coffee: Good for growers

Speciality grade coffee also means more financial security and stability for farmers. They work hard to produce a higher quality product with less defects. They’re rewarded with higher prices and better relationships with importers and exporters1.

COVID-19 has made it really hard for coffee growers worldwide2. We see this as an opportunity to go deeper in our relationships and do more good, together.

Read more about the challenges coffee growers are facing in this time and what you can do about it: Coffee growers need your support, now more than ever

Organic agriculture

coffee harvest


Coffee is one of the world’s crops with the highest concentration of pesticides and herbicides. By drinking regular, non-organic coffee we’re exposing coffee growing communities and environments to unacceptable levels of toxic chemicals. 

Organic certification makes sure coffee is grown sustainably without the use of harmful chemicals. Farmers have to work with nature and design systems that live in harmony. Organic farms provide a view for how humans can live in harmony with plants, animals and insects.

This is good for the farmers, their land and the coffee. The problem is that getting an organic certification can be expensive and hard to acquire for these small farms. That’s a shame and it's why we’re willing to pay more for coffee that is certified organic to help farmers overcome this obstacle.  

Zero waste

coffee container

All our coffee is sold in beautiful re-usable containers. They’re designed to look good in your home and be used over and over again. No more single-use plastic. You can send us back your container for a refund, or keep and re-use it. Up to you.

Carbon neutral

Our planet depends on our ability to take care of it, right now. We’re specifically choosing roasters that use clean energy or plant trees to offset their emissions.

All our products are delivered with net-zero emissions too, which means that you’re not contributing to the serious impact of climate change on the coffee-growing regions of the world.3 

Why should the planet have to suffer because we’ve got a coffee habit? Let’s use our habit for good, and to help the world’s coffee-growing environments flourish.

Join our free coffee community 

We created the Goodery Coffee Community with one goal in mind:

> To explore the amazing world of coffee alongside roasters, growers and fellow coffee lovers.

Over the next four weeks, we've got an exciting line-up of brewing tutorials, roastery tours and more… It’s free, and always will be. Anyone can join, but right now it’s invitation-only.

In order to foster genuine relationships, we ask people to request an invite so we can speak to them individually.

That way we can learn more about you, your passion for coffee and make sure our values are aligned. Once you join, we’ll release invitations for you to send to your coffee friends who you feel would be a great addition to our community.

Request an invite



Give Goodery Coffee a go

If you like the sound of organic speciality coffee that’s 100% carbon neutral and is delivered with zero waste, give us a go.

We’re super excited to introduce our first coffee to the line-up. It’s a floral, organic

Rwandan coffee with notes of red fruits, pear and black tea. The coffee is called Dukunde-Kawa which means “let’s love coffee” in the local language, Kinyarwanda. 

Check out Dukunde-Kawa here: Goodery Organic Speciality Coffee and learn more about the roaster, Cocora.



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