Welcome New Friends ! 😁

Welcome New Friends ! 😁

Thank you

You're a big time legend.

By buying produce from local organic suppliers we can make a huge difference to the impact our food habits have on the soil, economy and environment of our region . Yeah Roy !


Managing expectations...

Getting into a rhythm with veg boxes can take a while. 

We thought we'd put together some top tips and ideas to smooth out this process, hopefully here is everything you'll need to make supporting the next generation of local organic growers an easy thing !


So you've just received your first box... 

Carrots are dirty, there is a spaceship-looking vegetable in your box that you don't know if you should boil, roast or just take a hefty bite, and you have a cardboard box now kicking around in your kitchen. 

Not to worry. 

1. Mud is cool. It preserves produce longer as it helps to retain moisture and regulate temperature. 

2. You can check out our weekly menu to see exactly what items are in your box. And our friends at Riverford's have a great collection of recipes !

3. Any cardboard boxes, plastic packaging or brown paper bags will all be re-used by our packers ! Simply leave them out on the day of your next delivery. Our driver will be glad to pick them up :)


Easy ! 

But maybe there are still a few pain points?


That's cool.


1. Note down any exceptions. Let us know if there is certain produce you'd prefer not to receive. We allow all our customers 1-2 items to exclude. This saves on food waste and helps you get more of the things you love.  

2. You're still having to head to the shops every week to top up.. Well, would you like to add potatoes, eggs or coffee to your order? Maybe you love carrots and can't stop eating garlic? All these can be added as extra items to your weekly box :) See our extras here.

3. Bank holidays have you confused? And what's the deal with this note in my box? Do sign up to our newsletter it's full of updates, friends and lots of waffle- Scroll to the bottom of the page! 



Relationship , relationship, relationship...

In case you didn't know, it's all about relationships. 

This works best when we're in the loop. Do let us know how you're getting on, if there is anything we can do to improve and if you ever have a mouldy apple in your box. We'd love to know !

Get in touch !

Here's Josh giving us an example !



That's all folks x

We're a small, locally focused, organics delivery company. We do our best to help you reduce your food impact on the environment and to get you the best, freshest and tastiest local produce- zero emissions and low waste. We're on a mission to transform the food value chain in East Anglia for the good of the soil, climate, people and economy (and the taste of our food!). Thanks again for being part of this. 

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