Small change, big difference. Why should I shop local?

Small change, big difference. Why should I shop local?

Where you shop matters

This attitude has gathered momentum during lockdown; shoppers have really appreciated and supported small businesses for both treats and essentials. From buying quirky bits and bobs at independent stores, to nipping into a family-run bakery - choosing local helps our communities get back up on their feet. 

A survey has found that 'more than 80% of people in a Norfolk town would feel more inclined to support independent businesses' after the coronavirus crises. This is great news, since over 60% of small/medium-size enterprises believe they'll be out of business by April 2021. Now really is the time to celebrate our little independents!

Shop local: it's a tiny switch to make, but it makes a world of difference. Let's take a look at the bigger picture. 

What does it mean to shop local?

'Shop local', 'shop small', 'support independent businesses'. These phrases have flooded our vocabulary, news stories and hashtags. Instagram has even introduced a 'support small business' sticker, which allows you to share your favourite independents with friends. But what does it actually mean?

Shopping local is the act of people (like you) choosing to buy your produce/clothing/day-to-day items from a business that's local, rather than going to a larger retailer. Wondering what the benefits might be? There's plenty.

Supporting your community

Did you know that for every £1 spent with an independent business, between 50-70p circulates back into the local economy? 

Plus, local businesses are owned by people who live in your community. That means they're more invested in the community’s welfare and future.

The Lanes are home to over 300 independent shops, cafès, restaurants, galleries and pubs. So, we're truly spoilt for choice here in Norwich.


'Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.' 

How does it benefit the environment?

Popping into a local shop in the city centre reduces environmental impact (and quite significantly!). Here's how: 

Local bakers, farm shops and green grocers offer produce with a short field-to-fork journey. This food doesn’t create large carbon footprints by overseas plane travel or long truck trips. There isn’t a need for packing facilities or refrigeration, either. 

So, fuel consumption and air pollution are minimised - whereas food from the supermarket may have travelled over 1500 miles to reach your plate. Better still, locally-sourced food is likely to contain more nutrients and have less packaging. A win-win situation!

The wonderful makers

Independent businesses are a breath of fresh air. They breathe originality and variety into communities, particularly those that are populated with generic stores. 

Another amazing thing about independent businesses is that they are run by people, not by boards or algorithms. You get to know the makers, along with all their passion and hard work, and they get to know you too. We think it's more fun this way!

Shop local, support local, love local

At Goodery, we have a big heart for this. That's why we connect local farmers, ethical businesses and conscious consumers. We do this with zero emissions and as little waste as possible.

If you're a local supplier who wants to sell your products on our site, we'd love to hear from you. Just click here to get in touch. 


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