October 21

October 21

Dear friend!

Matti and Josh here. We hope you’re having a jolly day and that you find the contents of this box a blessing to your week. We thought it would be nice to include a small reflection/update with your order. So here goes:

A reflection from Matti

You may or may not have heard, and you may or may not care, but recently myself and Josh may or may not have become Directors of Goodery! One of life’s funny unexpected turns.

We started back in April 2020 (we were living together- Josh happens to be my brother in-law) to keep busy during the pandemic, to play a small role in doing some good, but primarily to encourage our good friend, John. We did not set out with the intention of running a business! But now we find ourselves here, and it’s hard not to be grateful for this moment. Intimidated, certainly.  But we have both been stirred with a calling to care for our planet, so here’s to the journey!

Here are some lessons I’ve learnt along the way, I hope they encourage you :

  1. Make relationship your priority, kindness your default  
  2. Faithfulness in the small things will help take care of the big things
  3. Generosity and thankfulness are not dependant upon having abundance
  4. Doing your best is always enough
  5. Listen with the intent to understand, not to reply

An update from Josh

We think our planet is great, and we think people are important. We want to see both thrive here in East Anglia. 

There are many problems with the way food is grown, traded and sold in our part of the world. Chances are, if I were to buy a Norfolk potato from a supermarket, that potato would have taken a long journey out of the county and back! The ‘norm’ for growing food is to maximise profits at the expense of the earth. We want to do our bit, and help you do yours to change a little bit of that system, one box at a time. 

By buying produce from local, organic farmers, we can make a huge difference to the impact our food habits have on the soil, economy, and environment of our region. It’s for this reason that we have committed to encourage the next generation of organic growers in our region. That means helping with certification, setting up new and fair buying relationships, setting up sustainable logistics, and potentially even setting up our own growing space. All this is about getting you the freshest, best quality box of local fruit and vegetables possible whilst working towards a better planet. It’s an exciting time to be part of the Goodery family, and we’re so pleased you’re here with us. Enjoy this box and have a lovely week. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch at support@goodery.co.uk or 01603 577 971. Until next time,

Josh and Matti, 




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