Linen to the rescue!

Linen to the rescue!

Our mission is to create a new way of living where people and the planet live together in harmony. 

Part of our mission is a commitment to net zero emissions. Our climate is changing as a result of the greenhouse gases we emit. We want our business at Goodery to be like a tree: sucking carbon emissions out of the air. 

But emissions aren't the only problem. 

Plastic is a huge problem too. 

That’s why we are committed to reusable containers so we can drastically reduce waste, together. There is enough plastic in the world, and we sure don’t want to generate any more. 

This is where linen can come to the rescue.

To make the good choice the easy one, we decided to introduce reusable linen bags to hold our lovely, fresh sourdough bread. It’s a step towards connecting our customers with the life they already want to live with.

One without plastic. One without waste. One without pollution. 

We now deliver all of our fresh bread in linen bags, and via a simple deposit and return system, encourage all our customers to keep and store their bread in these bags. 

Linen is perfect ...

Linen is the perfect fabric for storing bread. The French have known this for centuries. After all, that’s what they used to store bread in before plastic bags came along. They knew how to keep bread fresh!

Linen is breathable, it naturally attracts moisture and is totally reusable.

Storing your bread in a linen bag not only keeps your lovely sourdough fresh with moisture and taste, but also allows you to store your bread without the use of plastic.

How does it actually work?

You order some of our Norfolk organic bread.  

Baked locally by Luke and the team at Green Grocers Bakery, now known as Norwich Bakery. 

You choose the ‘reusable packaging’ option.

We charge a small deposit (£1.53) for the linen bag. You can reuse it, or return it. If you return your bag in your Goodery box for pick-up from one of our drivers, we’ll issue you a refund for the deposit price. 

And so the cycle of good continues. 


One member of our growing community shares her journey:

‘I love the fact that Goodery delivers bread in linen bags. It is such a good idea, and I really enjoy the fact that they are reusable - even better than recycling! A truly zero-waste initiative!’ 

  • Lydia

There is still lots of learning to be done and we still have a long way to go. We are on a  journey of trying to make the good choices easy. 

Why not check it out and give it a go?

Here is a link to our fresh food essentials box.

The good choice made easy. 

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