January 22

January 22

January Update  


In more ways than one, this January has felt like a new beginning. Josh is remaining calm whilst he and wife Lydia (also my sister) plan for the arrival of their first child! The due date is the end of Feb.

We’ve officially started the Goodery Market Garden! That is exciting. We’ve been busy sourcing seeds, green manure, a green house and such things. Jen has been working hard pulling together plans and sketches of the fields and a rough calendar of growing. 

For me, the Christmas break made me realise just how exhausted I have been after an intense year. I took the time (aided by some covid isolation) to unpack my priorities, rhythms and practises. 

I live / work under the premise that everything we do matters. How I live will shape who I become and , to some small degree, will shape those around me. This requires you to take some responsibility. This perspective motivates me to care for our amazing planet through protecting soil, and to treat people as the important beings that they are. Life is a gift, and the giver is good!

Building strong relationships has been difficult over the pandemic. We’ve had to be agile in the way we build relationships and connect with each other. Although a challenge, this specific problem has produced a profoundly positive impact. The more we work together and collaborate, the more resilient we will become. ‘Anti-fraglie’ movements last. The pandemic has shed light on the fragility of our supply chains. The supermarket model for feeding humanity is fundamentally unsustainable. The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence - it is to act with yesterday’s logic. 

What an opportunity we have!

Bless you guys,



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