Introducing Oathkin

Introducing Oathkin

We are delighted to announce our latest addition to the Goodery family - Oathkin

oath - /əʊθ/ 1. a solemn promise, often invoking a divine witness, regarding one's future

kin - /kɪn/ 2. one’s family and relations.


Oathkin was formed whilst making and developing a small batch of products for the nurses and doctors on the wards at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital during the start of the Covid 19 outbreak. All products are tried and tested on the best of them all, the NHS frontline staff. 

Focussing on the process of reflection, oathkin products are formed using local and sustainable ingredients + vessels to capture the best of nature's organic, ethical and simple skincare handmade in Norfolk, England.


Oathkin's collection includes:

Organic Citrus Nobilis Hand Sanitiser

The hand sanitiser is a non-drying, antibacterial sanitising tonic formulated with a blend of 99.9% alcohol, sweet almond oil and citrusy essential oils to hydrate and protect hands from being stripped of moisture.

Organic Citrus Nobilis Bath Oil

A simple but effective blend of oils to form a hydrating bath oil blend perfects. 2-3 tablespoons per bath.

Organic Citrus Nobilis, Sweet Almond Oil and Beeswax Hand Balm

The first of Oathkins creation, the essential hand balm blended with a mixture of organic raw unrefined butter, sweet almond oil and locally sourced beeswax scented without signature organic citrus nobilis essential oil.

Organic Norfolk Lavender, Jasmine and Rose Bath Salts

Stored in a glass pill jar, oathkin has blended a mixture of bathsalts to infuse your water with the relaxing aromas of lavender and rose. Added notes of valerian root extract, lavender oil, ylang-ylang flower oil and jasmine flower bring a floral earthy scents that soothe and de-stresses. Packaged with an organic reusable muslin bath tea bag, simply refill bag and infuse to enjoy at your will.

Norfolk Lavender Linen Bag

Locally source hand locked Norfolk lavender blended with organic brown rice sewn by hand to form our fragrant linen bags, simply place indoor draws to freshen linen or under your pillow for a gentle nights sleep.

Oathkin Care Package

Combining oathkins signature products, the care package is perfect for an individual needing some r&r. Citrus nobilis and sweet almond bath oil, organic Norfolk lavender, jasmine & rose bath salt tea bag, hand balm & 10 fine beeswax candles.

It’s an honour to be supporting Oathkin and to welcome them to the Goodery family. We hope you love their products as much as we do. 

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