How Good Organic Coffee Can Change the World

How Good Organic Coffee Can Change the World
If you’re anything like me, then good coffee is one of life’s everyday essentials. It's just something I just have to have, good food, good friends and good reading. I believe good coffee is more than just one of life's everyday essentials.
It’s also what the world needs.

The Coffee World has a Problem

The coffee world is largely governed by one number: the C Price. This is the price of a sack of commodity grade coffee on the New York Stock Exchange, which forms the basis of the global price of coffee. 

What is supposed to be a simple indicator of supply and demand has been turned by powerful speculative investors into a wildly unrealistic and dangerously volatile index. This regularly and devastatingly plunges growers into debt as their produce becomes unprofitable.  

Added to this is the more recent issue of the global spread of Covid-19 which has closed cafes around the world. This is having a real time effect on growers as roasters and exporters struggle to shift their stock.

Along with these problems there is the ever present threat of a changing climate which alters the suitability of traditional coffee growing areas.

Hard Times for Growers

It is a hard and turbulent time for the world’s coffee growers, who reap less than 10% of the money spent in the global coffee supply chain. In the wake of this volatility many farmers focus on short-term profitability instead of sustainability, including the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides which not only harm the people working with them but also non-target plants which are critical to a healthy ecosystem (and a healthy bean). 

This degradation of economy, soil and community is bad for the coffee we drink. In order to produce the outstanding cups of speciality and organic coffee we love to drink here in the UK, farmers have to take risks that often reduce their yields, but in doing so can protect the health of their communities and soil. The value adding processes that farmers can do to increase their share of the money from coffee can add new depths and heights of flavour.

The Solution

The coffee world is a hugely complex system and there may not be a silver bullet solution to make it fairer, tastier and healthier; but by buying speciality, organic coffee from roasters we trust, we start to close the gap. By creating relationships with growers that go beyond commodity, we can start to change the way coffee trade is balanced. 

At Goodery, we only source the highest quality, organic beans from roasters we trust so that you can try a little, or a lot of the best and most interesting coffee in the world. You can drink it with the knowledge that communities and ecosystems were built up rather than damaged and that the money you pay goes to the right places. We also make sure that the carbon footprint of the coffee we deliver is offset, meaning you can drink without furthering the impact of climate change on growers. 

Join our free coffee club

We created the Goodery Coffee Club with one goal in mind:

To explore the amazing world of coffee alongside roasters, growers and fellow coffee lovers.

Over the next four weeks, we've got an exciting line-up of brewing tutorials, roastery tours and more… It’s free, and always will be. Anyone can join, but right now it’s invitation-only.

In order to foster genuine relationships, we ask people to request an invite so we can speak to them individually.

That way we can learn more about you, your passion for coffee and make sure our values are aligned. Once you join, we’ll release invitations for you to send to your coffee friends who you feel would be a great addition to our community.

Request an invite


Give Goodery Coffee a go

If you like the sound of organic speciality coffee that’s 100% carbon neutral and is delivered with zero waste, give us a go.

We’re super excited to introduce our first coffee to the line-up. It’s a floral, organic

Rwandan coffee with notes of red fruits, pear and black tea. The coffee is called Dukunde Kawa which means “let’s love coffee” in the local language, Kinyarwanda. 

Check out Dukunde Kawa here: Goodery Organic Speciality Coffee and learn more about the roaster, Cocora.

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